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Open Source Software

Open source software code is publicly available and enables users to modify and disseminate new code including their modifications. Those who incorporate modifications into commercial software should consider both the patentability and infringement aspects of their efforts.


As our economy becomes increasingly globalized, prudent trademark owners will remember that it is their responsibility to maintain control over the distribution channels, as well as the ultimate geographic sale location, of their branded products. Markets around the world are being flooded with “parallel imports” and “gray market” goods – branded goods that are imported …

Open Source Code: An Intersection Between Copyright Law and the General Public License

Independent computer programmers and software developers are increasingly turning to open source code in writing new computer programs. Therefore, there is a growing need for both programmers and developers as well as companies who contract for their services and distribute their software to understand both copyright law and the GNU – General Public License (“GPL”) …

But I Paid For It – Securing Copyright Ownership In Works Created By Your Independent Contractors

Individuals and businesses in all industries routinely hire consultants to create materials for them.  Examples of materials often outsourced include websites, custom software, brochures, manuals and product literature.  Most purchasers of these items assume that they own all rights to them as soon as they pay for them.  Actually, often times they do not. 

Patent Basics

Patents protect the utility of new and useful inventions as well as ornamental designs of articles of manufacture. In particular, utility patents cover machines, products and processes (including methods of doing business), and design patents protect the visual impression or “look” of an article of manufacture. A patent enables its holder to prevent others from …

Patent Licensees Can Challenge A Patent’s Validity While Paying Royalties to the Licensor

The Supreme Court’s decision in MedImmune v. Genentech, 127 S.Ct. 765 (2007), permitted MedImmune to challenge Genetech’s drug patent before breaching its patent license with Genentech. Historically, breach of a patent license restrained licensees from challenging patents on invalidity grounds since patent holders could retaliate against those who willfully breached a patent license with an …